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President’s letter

As President of ISMAEL QUESADA, S.A. I would like to welcome you to our website.


I wish to introduce our current reality, with more than 50 years of history, supplying chemicals for the Rubber and Adhesives industries.


We are a family company, who has recently carried out the generational shift, with great satisfaction, giving way to the 2nd generation, which works hard for its continuity. We are characterized by highlighting the human factor, a fundamental and most important part in an organization, guaranteeing a greater possibility of growth, providing enthusiasm when generating new ideas.


Currently, our company is made up of a great team of people, always looking to the future to improve according to the demands of the market, always accompanied by firms of great national and international reference, walking next to the client to meet all their needs


Ismael Quesada Chinchilla


Who we are?

Our team

ISMAEL QUESADA S.A. is a family company, following the business promoted in 1960 by our President, Mr. Ismael Quesada Chinchilla. The beginnings of our company were those of commission agent in the sale of Chemical Products used for the elaboration of Tires, Adhesives, Rubber Technical and Industrial Articles and Paints. Now a days, supported by 8 people, our company operates throughout the European and North Africa geographies, with own warehouses in Elche (Alicante) and El Sequero (La Rioja)


Ismael Quesada


Ismael Quesada

General Manager

Cristina Quesada


Antonio Sepulcre

Procurement and Quality

Amparo Botella


Antonio Menargues


Javier Quesada

Sales Manager

José Luis Marhuenda

What do we do to improve the world?

We face the challenge of sustainability as an essential part of our own company’s future project. We have identified our interest groups, analysed material issues and have drawn up a social responsibility strategy that will accompany us in the coming years.


We align our project with the Sustainable Development Goals and want to consciously contribute to a more habitable and human world. Global problems are also responsibility of each organization and we place ourselves voluntarily on the side of proposals, commitment and solutions.


We assume the need to be more efficient every day, reduce the consumption of resources, energy or water and to minimize the environmental impact of the activity. At the same time, we work to maximize the social and economic return of what we do every day and for that reason we make the following commitment:



The way to excellence initiated by Ismael Quesada S.A. with its quality and environmental management systems has its continuity in a social responsibility policy that is implemented with transparency and is open to the participation of interested parties.

See Sustainability Report #4 (2022)

How we improve our management system?

The scope of our Environmental Management System (ISO 14001:2015) and Quality (ISO 9001:2015), covers our entire activity, “THE COMMERCIALIZATION OF CHEMICAL PRODUCTS”

Below you can see our ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certificates and our Environmental Performance.

You can see our Integrated Quality, MA and CSR Policy below

It is about living for the future, contributing to build a clean alternative, smart, for quality of life.

César Manrique